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Turn #Dossings into credits on 100+ online stores.

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Endossed uses your financial profile to help you save on everything you need in life, and rewards you for it.

up to $5,000 saved
on bill payments

Get personalized offers based on your spending habits and bill payments.

We find ways for you to save on everything you need in life, from better banking products to streaming services.

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No personally identifiable information is ever shared with third parties.

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Your information will never be shared with third-parties.

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Transactional and personal data is securely encrypted.

How it works


Link a card or bank account🔒

In a few clicks, the Endossed assistant analyses your spendings and gets to work.


Cash in past transactions 💰

Click on past transactions to earn points. No receipts, in seconds! 


Shop through Endossed 🛍️

Click on a brand image and shop as normal. Real cash will be deposited in your wallet a few days after your purchase!

Common Questions

Is Endossed free to use ? 🤩

Endossed is 100% free to use. You will never be prompted to subscribe to a paid version.

How fast can I cash out ? ⚡

Your cash back is added automatically but it will only be available for cash out when the brand where you made the purchase confirms that you've completed it.

Why is my cash back pending ? 🙄

We need to wait until the brand on which you made your purchase has confirmed to us that the transaction has been made. It can take a few days up to 60 days. As soon as we get the confirmation, your cash will be made available.

What does Endossed do with my information ? 🤔

Simple. We use it to find you better deals and cash back, but we will NEVER sell it or share it with third parties.

Is Endossed safe ? 🔒

We use the most strict and intense security practices, such as end-to-end encryption and data deletion protocols.

How easy is it to close an Endossed account ? ✌

In a few clicks, you can request to have your account closed and we will delete ALL of the data that we have.

How does Endossed make money ? 💰

When we find you a better deal on a recurring bill payment like a loan or insurance policy, companies pay us a small fee to refer you as a customer.

Does Endossed pay real cash or gift cards ? 💰

You can cash in anytime in the form of e-gifts cards on your favourite stores like Amazon. Cash transfers to your Paypal account are coming real soon!

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