Qualified traffic

that buys more

Diving sales for high-growth brands

How we refer shoppers that buy more

1. Users sign up
2. We use past purchases to recommend your brand
3. Customers get to your site
4. They buy more than they usual

How to get started

Join our brand network

Contact our team to get set it up in a few minutes.

Set your terms

After joining, decide what type of discount you'd like to offer to our users so that we can send more qualified traffic.

Watch your sales lift

40% lift in AOV.
20% lift in conversions.
No cost up front. Get paid daily or weekly.

Reaching consumers has never been harder

People are aware that their data is valuable

Consumer restrict the ability for brands to reach them.

High CACs and CPAs driving up cost
Less data to target the right consumers

IOS updates are making harder for brands to improve acquisition.

Big techs double down on privacy

Grow for less with Endossed.

Getting started takes a few minutes. No costs involved. AOV lift guaranteed.